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    This page contains links to a set of Quick Reference Guides for each of the table and graph types contained on this site. A Quick Reference Guide for the home page is also provided. These guides provide a short "how to" explanation of the tables and graphs and are designed to be “printer friendly” (each guide is designed to fit on a standard 8 ½” by 11” page).

To see a guide, select the table or graph name below. To print a Quick Reference Guide, select “Send to Printer” from the displayed page. If you would like a copy of all of the Quick reference Guides, click on the “Download Quick Reference Guide Guides” link below.

Note: The Home Page Quick Reference Guide should be printed in “Landscape” mode. Landscape is a setting on your printer. To print this Quick Reference Guide in landscape mode, change the properties on your printer set up page after selecting the “Send to Printer” link.

To see a quick reference guide, select the table or graph below.
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  Quick Profiles
  Rate/Trend Comparison by State/County or Cancer
  Death Rates
  Incidence Rates
  Prevalence Projections
  5 Year Rate Changes
  Historical Trends
  Comparative Data Display
  Interactive Maps
  Screening and Risk Factors
  Peer Counties
  Demographic Data
  Download Quick Reference Guides (1577k PDF)

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