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Screening and Risk Factors

New: Bias-adjusted modeled estimates for breast or cervical screening or smoking
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Screening and Risk Factors Report by State

Percent of State Population with 100% Smokefree Workplace Laws
All Races (includes Hispanic), Both Sexes, All Ages
Healthy People 2020 Objective Number: n/a

Sorted by Percent
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Met Objective?1
Percent 2
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United States n/a1 64.8
Connecticut n/a1 0.0
New Hampshire n/a1 0.0
North Carolina n/a1 0.0
Oklahoma n/a1 0.0
Tennessee n/a1 0.0
Virginia n/a1 0.0
Arkansas n/a1 0.1
Wyoming n/a1 0.3
Colorado n/a1 10.1
Georgia n/a1 12.9
Idaho n/a1 13.6
Alabama n/a1 19.6
Mississippi n/a1 21.6
California n/a1 26.9
South Carolina n/a1 30.5
New Mexico n/a1 36.6
Kentucky n/a1 37.4
Missouri n/a1 38.0
Texas n/a1 42.4
Alaska n/a1 50.4
West Virginia n/a1 87.4
Arizona n/a1 100.0
Delaware n/a1 100.0
District of Columbia n/a1 100.0
Florida n/a1 100.0
Hawaii n/a1 100.0
Illinois n/a1 100.0
Indiana n/a1 100.0
Iowa n/a1 100.0
Kansas n/a1 100.0
Louisiana n/a1 100.0
Maine n/a1 100.0
Maryland n/a1 100.0
Massachusetts n/a1 100.0
Michigan n/a1 100.0
Minnesota n/a1 100.0
Montana n/a1 100.0
Nebraska n/a1 100.0
Nevada n/a1 100.0
New Jersey n/a1 100.0
New York n/a1 100.0
North Dakota n/a1 100.0
Ohio n/a1 100.0
Oregon n/a1 100.0
Pennsylvania n/a1 100.0
Rhode Island n/a1 100.0
South Dakota n/a1 100.0
Utah n/a1 100.0
Vermont n/a1 100.0
Washington n/a1 100.0
Wisconsin n/a1 100.0
Created by statecancerprofiles.cancer.gov on 09/18/2014 7:38 am.
1 n/a - There is not a specific Healthy People 2020 Objective for this data item.
2 Source: American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation (January 2, 2014: no-smoke.org).
This table lists the percent of each state’s population covered by 100% smokefree air laws enacted by the state and/or local municipalities. Only ordinances and laws currently in effect are listed in the table.

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