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 Screening and Risk Factors Report
National Cancer Institute State Cancer Profiles Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
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Screening and Risk Factors Report by State

Percent of State Population with 100% Smokefree Restaurant Laws
All Races (includes Hispanic), Both Sexes, All Ages
Healthy People 2020 Objective Number: TU-13.3
Establish laws in States and the District of Columbia on smoke-free indoor air that prohibit smoking in restaurants

Sorted by Percent
of 100.0%?1

Percent 2
United States No 77.1
Oklahoma No 0.0
Tennessee No 0.0
Virginia No 3.0
Arkansas No 4.4
Georgia No 6.1
Pennsylvania No 11.7
Alabama No 22.4
Mississippi No 27.1
Wyoming No 32.2
Kentucky No 37.3
Missouri No 38.3
South Carolina No 39.4
Texas No 43.5
Alaska No 51.9
West Virginia No 68.3
Arizona Yes 100.0
California Yes 100.0
Colorado Yes 100.0
Connecticut Yes 100.0
Delaware Yes 100.0
District of Columbia Yes 100.0
Florida Yes 100.0
Hawaii Yes 100.0
Idaho Yes 100.0
Illinois Yes 100.0
Indiana Yes 100.0
Iowa Yes 100.0
Kansas Yes 100.0
Louisiana Yes 100.0
Maine Yes 100.0
Maryland Yes 100.0
Massachusetts Yes 100.0
Michigan Yes 100.0
Minnesota Yes 100.0
Montana Yes 100.0
Nebraska Yes 100.0
Nevada Yes 100.0
New Hampshire Yes 100.0
New Jersey Yes 100.0
New Mexico Yes 100.0
New York Yes 100.0
North Carolina Yes 100.0
North Dakota Yes 100.0
Ohio Yes 100.0
Oregon Yes 100.0
Rhode Island Yes 100.0
South Dakota Yes 100.0
Utah Yes 100.0
Vermont Yes 100.0
Washington Yes 100.0
Wisconsin Yes 100.0
Created by statecancerprofiles.cancer.gov on 09/20/2014 2:01 pm.
1 Healthy People 2020 Objectives is managed by the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
2 Source: American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation (January 2, 2014: no-smoke.org).
This table lists the percent of each state’s population covered by 100% smokefree air laws enacted by the state and/or local municipalities. Only ordinances and laws currently in effect are listed in the table.

Note: Healthy People 2020 Objectives are age-adjusted to the year 2000 standard population while these estimates are not age-adjusted.