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Demographic Data Report for Alaska by Borough or Census Area
Income: Median family income
All Ages, All Races (includes Hispanic), Both Sexes
2015-2019 American Community Survey 5-Year Data
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Alaska 92,588 8 of 52
United States 77,263 N/A
Aleutians East Borough 77,692 601
Aleutians West Census Area 95,500 179
Anchorage Municipality 102,065 112
Bethel Census Area 53,985 2,484
Bristol Bay Borough 98,214 145
Denali Borough 104,375 96
Dillingham Census Area 55,804 2,355
Fairbanks North Borough 89,993 249
Haines Borough 81,034 446
Juneau City and Borough 108,750 73
Kenai Peninsula Borough 88,519 268
Ketchikan Gateway Borough 90,684 238
Kodiak Island Borough 97,485 151
Lake and Peninsula Borough 47,857 2,882
Matanuska-Susitna Borough 90,704 237
Nome Census Area 59,559 2,044
North Slope Borough 83,419 385
Northwest Arctic Borough 58,676 2,107
Prince of Wales-Outer Ketchikan Census Area 63,460 1,650
Sitka City and Borough 91,935 221
Skagway-Hoonah-Angoon Census Area 71,812 939
Southeast Fairbanks Census Area 84,977 345
Valdez-Cordova Census Area 99,102 140
Wade Hampton Census Area 36,341 3,115
Wrangell-Petersburg Census Area 78,365 563
Yakutat City and Borough 78,125 577
Yukon-Koyukuk Census Area 51,544 2,661
Created by on 11/28/2021 9:44 am.
Alaska Census Area Name Change: please note that Wade Hampton Census Area, AK (FIPS code=02270) was renamed effective July 1, 2015, and the new name is Kusilvak Census Area (FIPS Code=02158). Due to the nature of data submissions, we will use the older code/name this year and transition to the new code/name with a future data release.

Source: Demographic data provided by the Census Bureau and the American Community Survey.
For more information about Income: Median family income, see the dictionary.
Health Service Areas are a single county or cluster of contiguous counties which are relatively self-contained with respect to hospital care. For more detailed information, please see Health Service Area information page. Puerto Rico is being treated as a Health Service Area for this data presentation.
Median Incomes over 250,000 have been coded to 250,001 by the Census Bureau.
Data for United States does not include Puerto Rico.

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