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Demographic Data Report for Hawaii by County
Population: Age under 18
All Races (includes Hispanic), Both Sexes
2017-2021 American Community Survey 5-Year Data
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United States 22.5 74,234,075 N/A
Hawaii 21.4 311,020 38 of 52
Kauai County 21.8 15,963 1,783
Maui County 21.7 35,787 1,802
Hawaii County 21.5 43,198 1,904
Honolulu County 21.3 216,071 1,988
Kalawao County 2.1 1 3,143
Created by on 03/01/2024 6:07 am.
Source: Demographic data provided by the Census Bureau and the American Community Survey.
For more information about Population: Age under 18, see the dictionary.
Data for United States does not include Puerto Rico.

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