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Interpretation of Demographics Data

Demographic Data Report for North Dakota by County
Income: Median household income
All Ages, All Races (includes Hispanic), Both Sexes
2015-2019 American Community Survey 5-Year Data
Sorted by Value

North Dakota

United States

Williams County

Mercer County

Oliver County

McKenzie County

Burke County

Dunn County

Billings County

Renville County

Mountrail County

Stark County

Burleigh County

Steele County

Morton County

Ward County

McLean County

Dickey County

Cavalier County

Pembina County

Cass County

Traill County

McHenry County

Ransom County

Slope County

Sargent County

Divide County

Bowman County

Foster County

Richland County

LaMoure County

Bottineau County

Hettinger County

Logan County

Ramsey County

Golden Valley County

Barnes County

Stutsman County

Wells County

Adams County

Emmons County

Walsh County

Pierce County

Eddy County

Kidder County

Grand Forks County

Griggs County

McIntosh County

Towner County

Nelson County

Sheridan County

Grant County

Benson County

Rolette County

Sioux County

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Source: Demographic data provided by the Census Bureau and the American Community Survey.
For more information about Income: Median household income, see the dictionary.
Health Service Areas are a single county or cluster of contiguous counties which are relatively self-contained with respect to hospital care. For more detailed information, please see Health Service Area information page. Puerto Rico is being treated as a Health Service Area for this data presentation.
Median Incomes over 250,000 have been coded to 250,001 by the Census Bureau.
Data for United States does not include Puerto Rico.