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Demographic Data Report for Rhode Island by County
Mobility: Moved, different county this state (in last 5 years)
Ages 1+, All Races (includes Hispanic), Both Sexes
2012-2016 American Community Survey 5-Year Data
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People (Moved From Different County In Same State)
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Rank within US
(of 3140 counties)
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United States 3.2 10,122,178 N/A
Rhode Island 1.7 17,631 5 of 52
Kent County 3.6 5,932 1,440
Washington County 2.6 3,297 715
Bristol County 2.3 1,124 486
Newport County 1.6 1,351 187
Providence County 0.9 5,927 40
Created by on 07/18/2019 2:03 pm.
Source: Demographic data provided by the Census Bureau and the American Community Survey.
For more information about Mobility: Moved, different county this state (in last 5 years), see the dictionary.
Data for United States does not include Puerto Rico.

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