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Provide maps of demographics, screening and risk factors, incidence and mortality statistics for use in assessing the burden and risk for a major cancer site for the US overall or for a selected state and its counties or parishes. The Healthy People 2020External Web Site Policy objective for the US is provided in the legend when appropriate in order to give perspective on how favorably or unfavorably a location compares to this overall goal. The 95% Confidence Intervals for the rates provide a measure of how certain or uncertain the point estimates are and can be used to generally assess how different a rate is from another.

Cancer statistics require careful interpretation. See the information page about interpret rankings for insight into interpreting cancer statistics particularly if you are a new user of cancer statistics.

There are many possible explanations for geographic variations in cancer rates including differences in lifestyles, medical care availability and delivery systems, screening practices, reporting practices, environmental exposures, etc. Elevated rates in some areas may also be due to chance, particularly for relatively rare cancers and in areas with small populations. For more information on geographic variations and cancer clusters, see Web Site Policy and Web Site Policy

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