Screening and Risk Factors Table

State Single-Year Estimates


Shows data at the state level related to a number of screening and risk factors associated with cancer in terms of percent and the sample survey size. The data for this table is from the Behavioral Risk Factors Surveillance System Summary Prevalence ReportExternal Web Site Policy and is compared to the Healthy People 2020External Web Site Policy target values. You can sort the data on the table by State name and percent value.

County Bias-Adjusted Pooled-Year Estimates

This table gives county-level estimates for screening and risk factors associated with cancer.

The estimates in this table combine two surveys:

Combining the two surveys means:

Data for prior years and details about the methods used to combine the surveys can be found on the Small Area Estimates web site https://sae.cancer.govExternal Web Site Policy).

Other Sources of Smoking Data:

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