Cancer Knowledge Tutorial

Learning about this Map

If you would like to read about this map, what the map contains, and where the data comes from, click on the About this Map link to the right of the selections.

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Creating a Cancer Knowledge Map

To create a Cancer Knowledge map, follow the steps below…

  1. Select the data you want to display in the drop down boxes.
  2. After you've made all of the selections, click on the Generate Map button located under the drop down lists. A map containing the data you just selected will appear.

Note:The selection of items from the drop down boxes may affect other drop down boxes. For example, if you select "Cervical Cancer" under the drop down list for Topic, you will only be able to select questions related to cervical cancer.

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Modifying a Map

You can modify a Cancer Knowledge map by creating a new map. Following the procedures under Creating a Cancer Knowledge Map.

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Accessing the Underlying Data

Once you have created a Cancer Knowledge map, you can view the data that was used to generate the map. The original data came from the HINTS web site. Follow the link in the source footnotes to go to the HINTS site.

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Exporting Data from the Map

To export the data on a table to be used in Excel, SAS, or another program, click on the Export Data button located above the Map and follow the instructions on screen.

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Copying a Cancer Knowledge map into another Program

Use the following procedure to put a copy of the Cancer Knowledge map into another program…

  1. Right mouse click on the Cancer Knowledge map.
  2. Select Copy from the pop-up menu.
  3. Open the destination program (e.g., PowerPoint, Word, Word Perfect).
  4. Select Paste from the File menu, press Ctrl-V, or right click and select Paste from the pop-up menu.

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Interpreting the Map

A text description has been provided to assist in understanding the Cancer Knowledge Map. Use one of the following procedures to access this text description.

The Interpret Data Link

  1. Click on the Interpret link located above the map.
  2. The text description will appear in a new browser window.

The Image's Alternative Text

  1. Hover your mouse over the map image.
  2. The text description will appear.

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Printing the Table

If you select Print within your browser or press the print button, the printed result will be just the table, graph or map without the selection controls on the page.

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