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United States 8,296,800
Alabama 126,600
Alaska 18,200
Arizona 186,000
Arkansas 66,900
California 931,500
Colorado 108,500
Connecticut 124,900
Delaware 26,900
District of Columbia 9,500
Florida 690,200
Georgia 214,600
Hawaii 45,300
Idaho 36,800
Illinois 328,100
Indiana 145,000
Iowa 94,400
Kansas 69,100
Kentucky 124,300
Louisiana 109,600
Maine 47,100
Maryland 149,600
Massachusetts 222,600
Michigan 274,800
Minnesota 145,000
Mississippi 59,900
Missouri 147,700
Montana 28,500
Nebraska 49,200
Nevada 63,500
New Hampshire 41,400
New Jersey 271,200
New Mexico 55,700
New York 566,400
North Carolina 240,600
North Dakota 18,700
Ohio 277,200
Oklahoma 102,200
Oregon 104,900
Pennsylvania 371,900
Puerto Rico data not available
Rhode Island 34,500
South Carolina 136,400
South Dakota 19,500
Tennessee 157,300
Texas 559,700
Utah 55,200
Vermont 17,900
Virginia 201,600
Washington 192,000
West Virginia 57,200
Wisconsin 153,000
Wyoming 18,000
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State Cancer Registries may provide more current or more local data.
Methodology: Cancer prevalence estimates are derived from state specific cancer mortality and survival data using a statistical package called MIAMOD (Mortality-Incidence Analysis MODEL). Cancer survival models are derived from the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) Program data and adjusted to represent state specific survival.
For more information on prevalence, please see the about this table web page.
Source: Single age and year state specific mortality data for cancer and all causes of death from the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), and respective populations from the US Census Bureau, are available for calendar years 1969-2007 from SEER*Stat. The population projections were obtained from the US Census Bureau.
Note: The sum total of the individual states may not equal the total U.S. statistic due to rounding.
Prevalance data is not avaiable for Puerto Rico

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