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Female, Breast Cancer, All Ages
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Projected Age-Adjusted Percents 2017
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United States 1.69
Wyoming 1.87
Wisconsin 1.91
West Virginia 1.48
Washington 1.92
Virginia 1.86
Vermont 1.67
Utah 1.81
Texas 1.53
Tennessee 1.65
South Dakota 1.62
South Carolina 1.59
Rhode Island 1.66
Puerto Rico data not available
Pennsylvania 1.68
Oregon 1.94
Oklahoma 1.79
Ohio 1.74
North Dakota 1.71
North Carolina 1.69
New York 1.57
New Mexico 1.62
New Jersey 1.67
New Hampshire 1.71
Nevada 1.48
Nebraska 1.82
Montana 1.74
Missouri 1.66
Mississippi 1.54
Minnesota 1.74
Michigan 1.86
Massachusetts 1.83
Maryland 1.90
Maine 1.69
Louisiana 1.46
Kentucky 1.49
Kansas 1.78
Iowa 1.68
Indiana 1.62
Illinois 1.70
Idaho 1.59
Hawaii 1.89
Georgia 1.58
Florida 1.87
District of Columbia 1.97
Delaware 1.73
Connecticut 1.76
Colorado 1.79
California 1.63
Arkansas 1.46
Arizona 1.73
Alaska 1.79
Alabama 1.51
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State Cancer Registries may provide more current or more local data.
Methodology: Cancer prevalence estimates are derived from state specific cancer mortality and survival data using a statistical package called MIAMOD (Mortality-Incidence Analysis MODEL). Cancer survival models are derived from the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) Program data and adjusted to represent state specific survival.
For more information on prevalence, please see the about this table web page.
Source: Single age and year state specific mortality data for cancer and all causes of death from the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), and respective populations from the US Census Bureau, are available for calendar years 1969-2007 from SEER*Stat. The population projections were obtained from the US Census Bureau.
Note: The sum total of the individual states may not equal the total U.S. statistic due to rounding.
Prevalance data is not avaiable for Puerto Rico

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